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20/10 Best Videos

In music on December 16, 2010 at 9:51 pm

In no particular order, some of the music videos I enjoyed this year (click on pics for links):

Benoit Pioulard // “A Coin on the Tongue” – In which a new dance style is invented: the drunken convict.


Twin Sister // “All around and away we go” – In which jazz hands are returned to their proper usage: 80’s-style post-disco electronica.


The Smith Westerns // “Western” – In which downing Slurpees suddenly looks like a not only palatable, but perfect, way to spend a Friday night.


Perfume Genius // “Lookout lookout” – In which the camera breaks up with its subject, and gets the silent treatment for the remainder of the video.

The Very Best // “Warm Heart of Africa” – In which Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend proves that white men should simply not try to dance…ever—and you can never have too many clips of water buffalo in a single video.

Broken Social Scene // “Meet me in the basement” – In which TV is revealed as a perpetual apocalypse countdown extravaganza.

The Black Keys // “Tighten Up” – In which I realize that half a donut could’ve made my grade school interactions with girls a lot less awkward.


These New Puritans // “Attack Music” – In which bodies seem to defy time and basic physics.

Kanye West // “Runaway” – In which ballet simultaneously remains the purest form of dance and subverts its own suffocating formalities. (start at 13:46, the great stuff is at 20:00)


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