the important and the not-so-important, horribly conflated.

29 Oct 2010

In as seen by a liberal vegetarian english major in medschool with a subscription to the NYT on October 29, 2010 at 8:37 pm

“Iraq: Opposition Seeks Inquiry into Claims of Torture by Prime Minister’s Government”

The Story: Political opponents of Nuri Al-Maliki want to hold a special parliamentary investigation into the allegations of abuse contained within WikiLeaks’ publication of classified US military documents.

The Quote: “The representatives of the people should not be any less humane than the international organizations that have called for an investigation.”

The Implications: Remember when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid walked into their respective chambers of congress in January 2008 after the Democratic election surge and demanded that we investigate the possible torture committed since 2002 by American soldiers and condoned by the Bush Administration? Neither do I.

“US Panel Debates Value of HPV Vaccine for Boys”

The Story: A government advisory panel can’t decide if a vaccine regimen that helps prevent genital warts and cervical cancer (for a cost of about $100) should be given to young men.

The Quote: “Concerns about whether to vaccinate against a sexually transmitted disease are made even more charged because much of the serious disease results from homosexual sex”

The Implications: Question—when will the myth of the uber-promiscuous, disease-vector gay male die? This is how every Sex Ed talk on sexually transmitted infections should begin: Teacher: Sex exists. Gay sex exists. The nature of the sex, not the nature of those engaged in it, puts some individuals at a higher risk for contracting STIs.

Honorable mention (for awesome headline): “Putin’s left eye appears to need a cold compress” –Yes, that’s an actual NYT headline.


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