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Keep America Safe (From those annoying “civil liberties” things)

In human behavior on March 4, 2010 at 5:17 pm

This is just sick.

Liz Cheney & Co. have a friendly new ad calling for the DOJ to release the names of the attorneys who risk their reputations to defend abused prisoners at Guantanamo—presumably so her Keep America Safe group can spew more specific and personalized hate. Some highlights:

0:13 – A quote from a esteemed constitutional law research firm newspaper available only to people 1) in the top tax bracket or 2) with jowls, that links any hint of due process with “Jihad”. Good start.

0:27 – Images of shadowy government types should always have more women than men. Why? To demonstrate that educated, non-homemaking women = a dystopia deprived of Real Americans. Because the best way to Keep Americans Safe is to shelter the weaker sex from the harsh, freedom-hating outside world.

0:36 – You’re either with us or against us—“morals” or “ethics” or “the constitution” have nothing to do with Keeping America Safe. Still against us? Well, we can’t call you terrorists because according to our definition of “terrorist,” you have to be a Muslim, so let’s just say you’re associated with a terrorist organization. That’s just as good in our country.

For an infinitely more sane analysis of the complex decisions facing AG Holder, read this New Yorker profile by the always excellent Jane Mayer, which concludes,

Holder addressed those who have suggested that he and Obama are too weak to take on terrorism. “This macho bravado—that’s the kind of thing that leads you into wars that should not be fought, that history is not kind to,” he said. “The quest for justice, despite what your contemporaries might think, that’s toughness. The ability to subject yourself to the kind of criticism I’m getting now, for something I think is right? That’s tough.”


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