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Live Blogging Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention Speech

In politics on February 6, 2010 at 7:01 pm

8:59 – Fox News: ON. Teabaggers: Raucous. Bring on the Sarahcudda

9:03 – OMG Joe the Plummer on FNC… “This is an American Movement.” As opposed to the Obama’s Unamerican Movement

9:04 – SARAHHHHHHHH! “I am so proud to be an American! Do you love your freedom?! Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan”

9:07 – “It is so inspiring to see real people” Did you have the same problem as the scary kid from the sixth sense, Sarah? You’re such a trooper.

9:11 – “put your faith in ideas, and in that spirit” tangible things = baddd… you tell ’em, girl

9:15 – National Security… Let’s be straightforward, Sarah says, adding “a homicide bomber can inflict a man-made disaster”

9:17 – Only Americans have the right to remain silent. We need Sarah in that underwear bomber’s interrogation room.

9:20 – “People who are seeking freedom are still wondering if Alaska is that great beacon of hope” That’s right, she didn’t slip…Alaska—the last true hunk of red-blooded America

9:25 – I love the way she says legislators: “Lej-e-slay-TORS.” Makes it sound like “Decepticons”

9:27 – “Do you feel very stimulated?” Do you even need to ask, Sarah?

9:30 – She mentioned TODDDDD! Dreamboattttt!

9:33 – “If you can’t ride two horses at once you shouldn’t be in the circus” right next to “if the politicians want to shine in the biggest show on earth.” ‘Freedomlovers’ should be free to mix metaphors as much as they want!

9:37 – On our “Insane” debt and the Obama Budget…”It’s like putting a bandaid on a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” ZING!

9:39 – “We don’t need a leader to progress this movement”—just like we don’t need verbs when we can just use another noun as a verb. Obama is such a grammar nazi.

9:40 – I totally agree with Sarah that the Constitution is the best roadmap for our future, just not when we interrogate terrorists.

9:42 – “Fresh, Young, and Fragile” —that’s our Tea Party. Nothing says ‘fragile’ like a concealed handgun.

9:43 – It’s totally inappropriate for “elitists” to bring up a politician’s child to their advantage… I agree, Sarah—and I love that you just referenced your mentally disabled child to argue against abortion!

God Bless YOU, Sarah Palin

9:45 – QUESTION TIME!!! Yes! It’s like a free steak after you just ate a steak.

9:52 – Q: How do we get back on track?

“We cannot be afraid to say we don’t have all the answers, as fallible human beings, that we can get some divine intervention.” Reclaim the USA for the One-and-Only, Sarah! Bring back Manifest Destiny! WOOOO!

10:01 – “This movement is the future of politics in America” I am going to sleep so soundly tonight with Sarah’s final words dancing in my head.

  1. “It’s like a free steak after you just ate a steak.” Hahahahahah love it! I can’t believe you sat through the whole thing.

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