the important and the not-so-important, horribly conflated.

congratulations, gop, this is your base…

In politics on July 27, 2009 at 11:10 pm


on climate change: while views differ on a spectrum from “it’s just god hugging us closer” to “it’s just an excuse for big government to regulate patriotic coal companies, causing millions of americans to lose their [unsafe, low paying, intellectually suffocating, and outdated] jobs,” the republican base agrees on one thing: science doesn’t prove anything. they’re right… sort of: scientists only test hypotheses—but they can reject really stupid ideas. from the guardian:

Pictures that reveal the devastating impact of global warming in the Arctic have been released by the US military. The photographs, taken by spy satellites over the past decade, confirm that in recent years vast areas in high latitudes have lost their ice cover in summer months. The photographs demonstrate starkly how global warming is changing the Arctic. More than a million square kilometres of sea ice – a record loss – were missing in the summer of 2007 compared with the previous year.

on obama’s place of birth: i’ll let jon stewart take this one. but i think the larger question at stake here is whether the republican party is willing to embrace the (debunked) history of our country as something shaped by a homogeneously white, christian(ist), and male population—as texas textbooks might be claiming in the near future. the question is, should we care if obama was born in kenya (which he wasn’t), or if he’s truly “black,” or muslim—should that matter? in a word, no. the nature and timing of birth, be it of an individual or country, is at its core an accident. identity is something we form through sharing (not demonizing) the experiences and emotions of others.

on health care reform: NO. (that’s productive, guys)

on what it means to be a leader: “it would be apathetic to just hunker down and go with the flow. nah, only dead fish go with the flow.” – the GOP’s 2012 frontrunner, pictured above.

so congrats, party o’ cheney, you’ve got 25% of the country secured—and you only had to give up your integrity and embrace incoherence.

  1. All you’ve taken in from opposition to further state intervention in health care can be summed up as “no”? I think you’re not representing said opposition in good faith.

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