the important and the not-so-important, horribly conflated.

this week in shitty news reportage

In the msm blows on July 19, 2009 at 12:06 pm

reading the top 10 (or 5) “news” stories on the websites of u.s. papers is illustrative these days of the general worthlessness of traditional current events outlets. a sample:


Ahh… the wall street journal. their calculus is almost beautiful in its infantile simplicity: puff piece with fake gravitas + glenn beck as your editorials’ ghost writer + karl rove and john yoo as guest columnists = news that’s as fair and balanced as your spawn of murdoch conjoined twin fox news.


The new york times… let’s see: witty columnists? check. front page article on driving while texting? check. actual news? it’s somewhere in here… wait—does “news analysis” count? oh, i have to go to the “global edition” for that?


The SF Chronicle. A story of someone self-described as a “total idiot” wandering aimlessly through life… reminds me of a certain profession.


The Washington Post… okay, so besides the pet obsession and unhealthy nostalgia for the days of nixon, they actually do their job (sort of). just stay away from the editorial page (where a certain not-a-dead-fish alaskan governor was a recent contributor). which is still not as bad as:

Picture 7

Columbus’ Dispatch, the “voice of ohio”. umm…yeah.


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