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sweet potato hash browns

In foodstuffs on June 1, 2009 at 10:35 am


secret ingredient: crack rock.

so it’s officially summer potluck season, which means it’s time to perfect a dish that’s (relatively) healthy, but (more importantly) is facebook-level addictive… so you only have to learn to cook one side for the entire summer bbq schedule. i made this the other day:

what you need: *sweet potatoes, rinsed, peeled (2 taters = 4 servings)* *olive oil* *sea salt* *peppah* *grated orange skin* *big ol’ frying pan* *cheese grater*

what you do: 1) grate (over the large holes) the taters into a large mixing bowl–they should resemble carrot gratings, 2) spread the gratings evenly along the bottom of the pan, so you have a 1/8-in thick layer (*you usually have to cook the taters in shifts, so have an extra bowl ready to put the finished product in; you can always add it all back to the pan for a quick reheat), 3) heavy peppering and salting, plus 7 or 8 grating thrusts with an orange over the small holes of your grater, 4) pour a couple o glugs of olive oil evenly over your taters, 5) cook on med-hi and taste until you’re doing more tasting than cooking (8-10 min usually–i like them a little blackened)


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