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In politics on May 26, 2009 at 8:01 pm

economist … A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. The governator’s ridiculous special election ballot measures were about as economically sound as they were grammatically cogent–which is to say, not very. The economist suggests a way forward, supported by many political action groups in the state:

The plan is to introduce voter initiatives in next year’s ballot calling for a constitutional convention, to have the convention the following year, and to put the new constitution on a ballot in 2012, when it would take effect.

Working with ChildrenNOW, a health policy advocacy group, last summer, I was stunned by how much money and time were spent on devising a game plan for future ballot initiatives. Yet, we would still send out “action alerts,” like this one, which demanded–to be honest–immediacy only when it came to fundraising. Which is, I guess, the main point of the economist article: despite our state’s drive for progressive, long-term change to social programs, we’re crippled by immediate budget demands stemming from accounting-by-popular-vote.


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