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fava beans

In foodstuffs on May 25, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Fava beans

favas were at my local farmer’s market yesterday. they are ugly as sin and about as fun to extract as wax globules from your ears. still–so worth it. here’s a simple recipe:

1) you’ll want a couple of handfuls per person. pop the individual beans out, throw ’em into a large pot with SALTY water, and boil them for 3 minutes. get a bowl of ice water ready while you wait.

2) dump the hot beans into a colander, drain, and deposit into the ice water. now comes the fun part. if you gently squeeze the flesh of the bean (moving your thumb and middle finger in the motion normally used for a snap), out pops a wonderful bright green nugget of goodness. 

3) add olive oil, salt, peppah, grated orange skin, 1-2 smashed garlic cloves (garlic becomes nice and sweet when you cook it as a smashed whole), and a dash of vegetable broth to a skillet with the favas. I added spinach, b/c i’m iron-depleted, but feel free to keep it simple. shake and shimmy for 5-7 minutes. serve.


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