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tvotr + dirty projectors @ the fox

In music on May 23, 2009 at 4:18 pm


dirty projectors

dirty projectors

Dave Longstreth is a lucky man. Not only is he on a ridiculous artistic high right now, he gets to hang out with Angel Deradoorian (purple shirt) who, after last night’s ridiculous dirty projectors set, replaces Annie Clark on my indie rock goddess pedestal. Sure, she just stood behind her synth and plucked a chord or two on a guitar while Longstreth laid down tasty lick after tasty lick of reggae-dub-spazz-rock wonderfulness–irrelevant. As Garth might say, She’s a babe-raham lincoln, Wayne. The projectors played all new stuff, and it was stunning: like animal collective, they build on a single riff (or note!) that spirals inward and outward (in both dynamics and complexity) like a kaleidoscope–it would be maddening if it wasn’t so catchy and danceable.


TVOTR were high energy, if not particularly focused. They drew mostly from dear science and return to cookie mtn., and frontloaded a lot of the hits–“wolf like me” and “halfway home” roared out during the first thirty minutes. Dave Sitek stood in the back trying to look like he wasn’t playing sixteenth notes for 90 minutes; Kip’s vocals were sadly off; the sax player was a little too into it. The best moments on the band’s record come in transitions–where kinetic and potential energy are exchanged, where the tempo shifts into a different gear–and this remained true for their live act. Which, I guess, made their missteps in between that much more of a bummer.

  1. That’s exactly how TVOTR sounded in Atl. Grizzlybear opened for them and just made them look bad in comparison.

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