the important and the not-so-important, horribly conflated.

when bible quotes replace excerpts from the constitution…

In politics on May 22, 2009 at 6:19 am




…you get something like this. Rummy’s briefings make the same mistakes that you see in 7th-grade reports: cluttered, overloaded slides; heavy-handed imagery; quotes-as-arguments; and the unfortunate belief that “good” and “evil” are distinguishable, expressible entities. 


On quoting from the bible: any exegesis of that palimpsest of a text is, at its core, flawed–unless it is analyzed as a part of an overarching Christianist historiography. Orwell almost got it right: Language’s history is the first thing tossed out by power-hungry governments. Everything is distilled into this weird, contemporaneous monologue of ideology.


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